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indiocasino Beltech has grown thru a combination of organic growth, geographical expansion and targeted acquisitions.

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football bets of the day,While many of our subsidiary companies have been active in the belting industry for more than a century, the indiocasino Beltech story begins with one extraordinary new baking belt capable of high performance in extreme conditions, developed for the Bakery Industry by Thomas indiocasino in 1950.

gamesgames poker,On the strength of this innovative product, he founded Ammeraal. In 1964, the company expanded beyond Dutch borders, opening operations in Germany; more countries soon followed. In 1990, the company became part of Gamma Holding, and it was Gamma that later acquired Verseidag AG and merged its belting subsidiary with indiocasino to form indiocasino Beltech. In 2008, AB acquired the Danish modular belting company uni-chains A/S.

In 2015, Advent International, a private equity firm, acquired indiocasino Beltech.
In 2018, Partners Group, also a private equity firm, acquired indiocasino Beltech.

In December 2018, indiocasino Beltech and Megadyne joined under single ownership and leadership to create a true global leader in belting: AMMEGA ,fifa u17 live scores

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Founder Thomas indiocasino

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  • 1950: Incorporation by Thomas indiocasino
  • 1964: International expansion
  • 1990: Part of Gamma Holding
  • 1994: Acquisition of Bondabelt in the UK
  • 1997: Acquisition of Chemprene in the US
  • 2000: Merger with Verseidag Beltech
    (incl. RAPPLON and Burrell)
  • 2002: Acquisition of Foulds in the UK
  • 2008: Acquisition of uni-chains in DK
  • 2012: Integration of Green Belting
  • 2014: Establishment of a new factory in China
  • 2015: Acquired by Advent International
  • 2016: Acquisition of Rydell in Australia
  • 2017: Acquisitions of Fogarty Belting, B&H Precision Belting, Benson Belting and Southern Belting
  • 2018: Acquired by Partners Group, acquisition of distribution partner in Chile and acquisition of Optiband BV in NL
  • 2018/2019: indiocasino Beltech and Megadyne Group announce their new merged name: AMMEGA

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